Monday, 9 December 2013

Picture the Beauty 9

Day 9 - Brooklyn with the Scrumptious One

Three weeks ago today I was playing with the scrumptious half Polish, half Jewish-American two year daughter of college friends who have recently moved to Brooklyn, New York. Much fun was had by the three of us (me, S.O. and S.O.'s lovely mum) playing with leaves, swinging S.O. around and lying on the ground staring at the sky, as you do. 

Many of the trees in the park and in the neighbourhood were so vibrant and still covered in leaves despite the time of year. I had never seen Ginkgo trees before and was treated to them in abundance; they are breathtakingly beautiful. 

[I also had my first New York bagel - garlic bagel with turkey and cream cheese - it was huge, there must have been a whole tub of Philadelphia slapped between the two halves of the bread.]

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