Friday, 20 December 2013

Picture the Beauty 19

Day 19 - The chocolate of human kindness

I spent the day with a friend who is paraplegic and as a result of her spine injury is locked-in (unable to speak despite full cognition). She is a beautiful person in every way and also a chocolate fiend. I usually get her a coffee and some kind of treat when we go out. Today, for the first time in over three years I didn't have enough money on me to do that. So, beforehand I gave my apologies and said, let's just get a coffee. We went to a Costa's in town and I ordered R a cappuccino with plenty of froth (because she loves the froth) and plenty of choc sprinkled on top (to compensate for the lack of chocolaty treat that day). The girl serving us was really kind and most unusually started talking to R (most people avoid even eye-contact, sadly, as they are not sure what to do when faced with someone with this condition). She made sure the cappuccino was fully-frothed up and came over to check whether there was enough. She then came back and offered to refill the froth once it had reduced and once again added plenty of choc sprinkles. Then, she came over with a little paper cup, inside the cup were two mini cadbury's chocolate flakes! R grinned from ear to ear, I'm convinced she must have been sending out some strong chocolate vibes...

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In the evening after a long day pushing R many miles in her wheelchair, cycling 12 miles to and from her house and doing a kettlebell session in the cold and rain (I felt particularly hardcore), I got home really exhausted and soaking wet only to be greeted by a cooked meal by one of my lovely housemates, Hannah and friend - (can't forget the artful mushroom and onion-chopping, Helen -it's all in the details...), and mulled wine followed by another friend heating up a mince pie for me - human kindness in abundance this day.*  We then had an impromptu jamming session during which it was revealed that mince pie friend plays the guitar rather splendidly and onion-chopping friend has an amazing voice; a beautiful day, indeed.
* very long Germanic sentence...

Today was also the birthday of the most beautiful and kind woman I know - Happy Birthday, Mum. xxx

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  1. It is all in the details! You're quite right!!! Great post Nicki - it was a lovely evening :-)