Saturday, 22 November 2014

The haunting sound of a goldfish

On one of my recent enforced hearings of Radio 3, I heard a beautiful flute piece that I misheard as being referred to as 'The Goldfish, by Vivaldi'. I realise that great musicians are ingeniously creative, but I was hard pressed to think of any sound that a goldfish might make beyond a gentle pop as it opens and closes its mouth. As it turns out, the piece is actually appropriately named: the Goldfinch...

Another plainer, and yet still haunting version, can be heard here 


Not goldfish...

* pics from herehere, and here.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Mouquet's marvellous music

I haven't played this for a long while - and never played it as well as this - but it remains one of my favourite pieces both to play and hear being played; it is exquisite.

Once upon a time I had an amazing poster of a flute with exploding keys with coloured smoke pouring out of them, it comes to mind when I hear this piece. I lent the poster to the music teacher at the school at which I taught to put up in the music room and someone stole it! :-/  So these will have to do:

* from here

                                                                     ** from here