Sunday, 31 August 2014

Sort it out with a bit Bulgarian choral music

This blog post was started at the beginning of June:

Tonight I'm feeling very out of sorts - this has been a theme for the past few days. This is probably not the time to be blogging but since I am unable to focus on the things I should be doing: a) thesis chapter; b) job application; c) supervision/teaching prep, and, d) article, I may as well do something which will have a visible end product -words on a page - and perhaps in the process sort out the 'out of sorts'; perhaps.

It took a while to feel back to something approximating 'normal' - I wouldn't like to make the grand claim of normality, whatever that may entail - and once again I have an imminent deadline so it is OBVIOUSLY the time to do something else...I grew up listening to a tape of Bulgarian choral music - on repeat - that my father had; the choir sings acapella in fifths; it's stunning. With a few minutes of you tube searching, I've found it and it's as wonderful as I remember:

And here's another beautiful piece I came across while looking for the other:

You're welcome.

Now back to the chapter...