Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Picture the Beauty 17

Day 17 - Beautiful paintings, beautiful lady.

Today, via a profile pic change I was reminded of the beautiful paintings of a beautiful friend. She is by far my favourite artist. The colours and textures that Becky uses are gorgeous and she has a way of producing art that is both impressionistic (my favourite approach) and yet that hones in on details that others would miss - seeing beauty in the minutiae and the ordinary. I had trouble picking out a few to include here as I love them all and were I wealthy would buy the lot and adorn my house with them (which would obviously need to be extremely large and then I would need a cleaner, gardener etc and it would all get a bit out of hand expensive...).

Anyway, here's a selection and you can see more on her website 


And here was the view whilst doing sit ups (ug) at boot camp this morning:

 (not that I took the photo WHILST doing sit ups, that would have just added to the pain)

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