Sunday, 1 December 2013

Picture the beauty 1

Taking an idea from Jenny McBride (who in turn was inspired by a similar project started by Lela Urquhart) I aim to document some aspect (s) of beauty encountered in the coming weeks regardless of how beautiful or not the days pan out. As these weeks are looking as if they will be packed work-wise I am hoping that this will be a reminder to stop and breathe easy for a moment and refocus.

Day 1: Sunday 1st December, 1st Day of Advent

The day began with looking back to a poignant moment from the evening before in which a secular Jewish friend lit the first five candles of a menorah for Hanukkah and prayed the blessing over it, it was beautiful in its simplicity and heartfelt sentiment. *

Later in the day, I had the joy and fun of meeting up with two much loved long-standing friends who came for a visit with the 7 year old twin boys of one of said friends in tow. It was not restful by any stretch of the imagination but great. We attempted to expend some of the boys' energy by tearing around the local park and were treated to a stunning sunset as we were leaving (sadly, the pictures on my phone don't do it justice).

*The menorah photo is not mine and is taken from here:

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