Tuesday, 27 December 2011

On death and tea-towels

I have been pondering recently on death (auspicious start to a blog post), more particularly on what of value, if anything, I would leave behind were I to suddenly pop it. Materially, for sure, there would not be much. I have an eclectic collection of cups and mugs, some great tea-towels and some official-looking bits of paper with my name on which I obtained in a round about way by letting go of a beautiful apartment in the Med. The thing is - this may be idealistic and 'romantic' -  I want my life to count, to leave a mark, however small and I don't think the tea-towels* are going to cut it in the final analysis. But what will?

One person who comes to mind is Susannah Wesley. She had a ridiculous number of children and hence little time to herself yet in the midst of the ordered chaos she would throw her apron over her head and pray. This made a great impression on her children. One (John) went on to lead the biggest revival the UK ever experienced and another (Charles) wrote hymns and carols which are still sung today: Hark the Herald Angels Sing, for example. So perhaps I could put the tea-towels to a different use and affect the world that way. Just a thought.

*photo of tea-towels

(These are some of my Christmas ones - nice, aren't they!)

p.s. I pity anyone that would have to go through my stuff were I to unexpectedly leave this mortal coil. There is a mixture of extreme order and utter chaos. The problem is I completely understand the Edward Monkton quote: 'EVERYTHING must be straight or the world will EXPLODE.  Those who do not believe in the law of straightness will not BE SAVED'* Making everything straight takes time though, lots and lots of it and since when I tidy I want all to be in nice straight lines and neat files with colour-coordinated clips the very thought of it makes me tired. When I have an important deadline though, suddenly pulling all the contents out of my wardrobe in order to sort and tidy becomes an OVERWHELMINGLY IMPORTANT task that can NOT be ignored. Procrastination leads to straightness (and stress).

*See http://www.edwardmonkton.com/

p.p.s Just came across this today, it's great, talk about the law of straightness: Ursus Wehli Tidying up Art.


For a presentation by him of his Tidied Up art works see this:


  1. I'll have the tea towels, unless you are planning on composing a Christmas song any time soon

  2. Haha, please feel free to write to my family and request them if anything untoward happens to me. This blog comment can be your proof. ;-)

  3. fortunately for you, your life has already made a mark, left an impression and not to mention, a rather large dent in the chocolate and tea market ;-)

    har har har - all kidding aside, tis true however that you have effected people and changed lives. everyday you put forth effort and time into a person or persons you change this world for the better. i am better because i have known you.

    keep pressing in and on because your purpose is for today and tomorrow. your impact imparted in the conglomeration of small acts and minor miracles. your future molded not by grandiose successes but by minute steps taken. as for the chaos that surrounds you at times? this is your benefactor- a gift from god. out of chaos comes life. order. structure. and purpose. who knows though, you might be the next mother wesley or luther etc. but to be sure whatever you are and how you continue to become is marked in the thoughts, steps and actions of the now.

    i love you and plan on you sticking around long enough to become formidably wealthy so that when you die i can inherit more than tea towels.

  4. Toda raba hvera sheli

    If that happens you shall indeed inherit more than tea-towels, you can have the whole tea set - tea cosy and all.