Thursday, 5 January 2012

Forgiveness and James Blunt

Oh well, since the topic of uncool musical taste has been raised I may as well admit to another: James Blunt (be gentle, Aliber). It's not that I can't understand why some may dislike his offerings but I LIKE a lot of his music and also find that some of his songs closely describe people or situations I know and thus they resonate. Since I  have never been a groupie or die-hard fan of any group or individual, it doesn't bother me if there are tracks I don't like, so what! There are people I am very fond of who do stuff I don't like, that's life, deal with it.
One song in particular describes so well one of the sledgehammer individuals of the previous post that it could have been written by the very same and the song reminds me to think gently and mercifully.* It's called Same Mistake:

*I read a book in 2005 which has quite possibly been the most useful book I have read in my life and one to which I frequently refer in conversation. It's called Forgive, Release, Be Free. Unforgiveness and the corresponding bitterness is a huge stumbling block, maybe the biggest in life. The results are evident in our 'smiles', tone of voice, words, actions and, most telling, reactions. The book is based on the parable of the Unforgiving Servant of Matthew 18:21-35. I highly recommend reading both, for me it was life-changing not just for the situation I was in at that moment but for taking stock of all of life, forgiving (and in the presence of a witness declaring that I acknowledged that nothing was owed to me) things that had been said and done and things that should have been said and done (but weren't) and asking forgiveness for my own wrongs too. Here are links to the parable and the book. Here's to freedom!